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Google perditeson programin Authorship



Ky perditesim ben qe ti atriboj profilit tuaj cdo permbajtje qe keni shkruar deri me tani, ne nje forme edhe me te thjeshte. Ja edhe prezantimi zyrtar:

Starting today we’re integrating Google+ Sign-In with Google’s Authorship program. So if you sign in to with Google, for instance, the articles you publish will now be associated with your Google+ profile automatically.

With this association in place, we can look for ways to surface your info when it’s most relevant. For example, today users may see your name, picture and/or a link to your Google+ profile when your content appears in Search, News and other Google products.

Per me shume, vizitoni direkt postimin zyrtar.

Ja se si duket nje postim i Google+ i bere embed ne faqe.

Granit Doshlaku
Simplifying complexity. Co-Founder and SEO Director at @Manaferra. Read more about me.
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