About the blog

Welcome to Bloggerito, my digital marketing blog! Here you will find (hopefully) interesting and valuable articles that will help you get started with digital marketing disciplines like SEO, Social Media, PPC, Analytics etc.

My articles here are mostly in Albanian but make sure to check Manaferra’s (SEO & Social Media) and Digjitale’s (local startups) blogs for my english written articles.

About me

Granit DoshlakuHi! My name is Granit Doshlaku, I am SEO Director at Manaferra L.L.C and student of University of Prishtina. I have been doing SEO for almost 5 years now and I love everything about it. My first SEO project was a live streaming website for South Africa World Cup. I ranked this site for “watch world cup 2010 online” and at the day of tournament opening ceremony my site was ranking 4th for that keyword. Two hours before ceremony began, my site crashed because it couldn’t handle all the traffic that was coming. At that moment i understood the real power of SEO and I decided to learn everything about it.

Today I am Co-Founder & SEO Director at Manaferra L.L.C, a digital marketing agency based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Besides SEO I specialized my skills in other digital marketing areas such as Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics & PPC and used these skills to help our clients generate a positive ROI by helping them achieve their goals through planning and execution of digital marketing strategy.